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Black Pride, and the Stigma of Embracing Your Non Black Heritage

Hello Loves! I am back after a brief hiatus and I have more rants coming your way.

So this is a topic that has been bothering me for a long time, but never felt compelled to speak on it until now, due to recent events. I have a friend of mine who is black, and is very proud of her black heritage. However, she also has a grandmother who is Irish, and she embraces that part of her as well. She has told me how a lot of people, especially on Facebook, bash her and accuse her of “wanting to be white” and being “anti black”. I feel that it is so ignorant to be accused of hating your own race just because you embrace a part of your heritage that isn’t black. I remember a few years ago, I read an article that Donna Summer (Goddess rest her soul) had written for Ebony Magazine, addressing this very thing. She stated that in addition to Black, she was also of Irish, Dutch, and French heritage, but when she mentions this, she gets accused of denying her blackness. I remember her asking why is it when a white person claims Irish, Dutch, and French ancestry, nobody says anything, but when a black person does it, you “hate yourself”. Get the fuck out of here with that!

I am black, first and foremost. I am mostly of Jamaican and West Indian descent. However, I also have Italian, Irish, and Native American ancestry, and I embrace EVERY LAST PART of my heritage! Does that mean I hate the Black part of me? Hell no! But as Donna Summer said, I am not going to deny one part of my heritage, and claim another. I am claiming ALL, because they are a part of ME! And I love ME. There is nothing wrong with embracing your European ancestry in addition to your African ancestry. Why should you deny it? It’s in your fucking DNA! Now, if you are clearly black, but have mixed heritage, but claiming everything but your Black ancestry, or act as if having European or Native ancestry makes you better than your pure Black counterparts,then yes, it is obvious that you have identity and self love issues. But if you embrace all of your heritage, it just means you accept YOU. I don’t put ANY part of my heritage on a pedestal. I love them all equally. In fact, I am actually learning Italian to connect with that part of myself. I am a PROUD Black Woman, who just happens to have a little Europe mixed in. And you know what? That’s okay. Anyone who tries to shame you for embracing your mixed heritage, tell them to fuck off! They’re just ignorant. Embrace and love yourself, and that includes ALL of yourself!

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