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So, good evening and Happy Friday, everyone!

Tonight, I am going to talk about a subject that REALLY gets under my skin, and makes my blood not boil, but EVAPORATE everytime I hear about it. A subject that I only know too, because I have experienced it. I am talking about bullying.

Recently, Jada (whose true identity remains anonymous), a 16 year old girl from Houston, went to a party at a friend’s house. She was given a spiked drink, and raped while unconscious, and the attack was caught on video. Not only was this young girl violated, ON CAMERA, but the video, as well as photos have surfaced on the net. Her peers, both male AND female, have taken to social media to further taunt her by taking pics of themselves mimicking the attack with the hashtag #jadapose. So because of these little bastards, she has to relive her violation repeatedly.

Today, bullying is no longer the big kid taking lunch money from the nerd in the class, or stuffing them into lockers. With the new technologies that we have, and various forms of social media, bullying has become a lot more cruel, with tragic consequences. And what’s worse is that nothing is being done about it.

This is definitely one issue that I am most passionate about because I know what it’s like. I know how it felt to be ridiculed for how you dressed, the type of music you listened, or for not fitting the status quo. I know it all too well. From elementary school up until the day I got my high school diploma, I never fit in. I was always an outcast. I was picked on for being quiet. I was picked on for my interests and hobbies (I was, and still am, a huge Harry Potter fan). I was even picked on for not fitting the stereotype of the “typical black person” ( for speaking proper English, listening to rock music, etc). As you can see, these are pretty bullshit reasons for picking on a person, but alas, it happened. There were days where I hated going to school because I knew I was going to be the butt of someone’s jokes. But I also knew that if I left and changed schools, I would be pretty much letting my tormentors win. Plus I valued my education more than what a couple assholes had to say. What helped me get through it was the love and guidance of my mother and grandmother (may she rest in peace). They helped me realize that the reason why these kids picked on me was because they were insecure with themselves and/or jealous. I used to always ask myself “What do I have that they could possibly be jealous of?”, and then it hit me. If I got an answer right in class, or passed a test, I was called a “smart ass” or a “know it all or a “nerd”. I even had people say negative things about me when I made a new work of art (but this was rare. I mostly got positive feedback about my work). I realized there was nothing wrong with ME, it was THEM. I honestly think that if it wasn’t for my mom and grandma, I would have broke a long time ago.

Unfortunately, while I came out from my experience a stronger person, this is not always the case for other people. Over the past few years, countless children, some as young as 11 years old, have taken their own lives, because the taunting had gotten so bad, that to them, life had become unbearable, and it is truly heartbreaking. In other cases, it has resulted in school shootings, where several children have lost their lives, and ends with the shooter taking their own (Columbine anyone?). What’s worse is that these tragedies could have easily been prevented if educators had done their fucking jobs. But instead, they implemented the attitude of “Kids will be kids”, and that those being bullied should “stop being so sensitive”.


How about it’s your responsibility as an educator to make the school a safe and positive learning environment for everyone. There is absolutely no reason why children, whose lives haven’t even begun yet, be ending them! Instead of blaming them, how about you hold the bullies accountable for their actions? And parents, how about you teach your children to not be judgmental assholes and to treat others with respect, REGARDLESS of their differences! I don’t care if that kid is gay, mentally disabled, Wiccan, Atheist, black, brown, or purple. They are HUMAN BEINGS, and should be treated as such! And DON’T GET ME STARTED on these fucking “Zero Tolerance” policies. This was one of the very reasons why I didn’t bash someone’s face in high school, though I had a very strong desire to. I didn’t want to risk getting expelled and not graduating on time for having to defend myself against some ignorant asshole. It’s like the person being bullied is in a lose/lose situation. If they report the bullying, nothing gets done, but if they defend themselves, they get kicked out. Are you kidding me?? How about you nip it in a bud and it wouldn’t have to come to that. Stop waiting for a tragedy to happen to take action. Stop it before it starts! Because I am sick and tired of hearing on the news about a child committing suicide because of bullying!

And to the kids who are reading this, and are bullied themselves….

KNOCK. IT. OFF! Because karma is not someone you want to meet.

That is all.

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