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Cosplayer: Jade Aurora ( )
Photographer: David Angle
Costume: Sailor Princess Tiana

For those of you who know me, I LOVE creative character renditions like this…. so the moment I saw this I fell in love. The costume is very well made, personally my favorite part is that the gloves are matte and made with good material, instead of shiny satin. Same for her dress. Her pose is super cute, just look at the smile!!

Comments by: BUNNY

I’ve been featured on Cosplay Compliments, guys! ^_^


Rest in Peace, Francis Lapointe (aka Frank Wolf) who committed suicide on Nov. 25th 2013. He was an exquisite model, loved to cosplay and was bullied for cross dressing and simply being who he was and doing what he loved to do. I wish he could’ve listened to every single person who admired him and loved him. Let this influence you to love yourself for who you are, not what society thinks or what others think. Influence others that they are beautiful inside and out and that suicide is NEVER the answer.

We lost a beautiful person along with Paul Walker this month. Best wishes to his family, friends, and his fans.

RIP Frank Wolf <3 

This is truly heartbreaking. Cosplay is supposed to be about having fun and indulging in your fandom, REGARDLESS of race, size, or gender! This beautiful person is now gone because of heartless assholes, who were so bored with their pathetic lives and so insecure with themselves, that they felt the need to tear him down! Bullying needs to STOP! Rest in Peace.

Anonymous asked:

What gives you the courage to display your nude body publicly?

By not caring what others think, and embracing my body as something natural, not as something dirty. Sorry it took so long to respond

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